Antique Bookcase

Booklovers will know that the joy of owning books is partly the aesthetics of seeing our books lined up on a shelf. Books we have read carry memories and can be passed on to family members to share in the joy of reading. Those we are yet to read carry the excitement of what stories they will tell, what we will learn from them, what beautiful language we might discover in their pages.

Books as objects are displayed to say something about our personalities, and our more treasured books often say much about who we are as people. There is a certain pleasure of collecting books, and seeing their spines lined up that requires an equally pleasurable antique bookcase.

At Raines Antiques, we stock antique bookcases in pine, solid oak, walnut, and mahogany. The styles available include Victorian, Georgian, Regency, Queen Anne (Baroque), and 1920s. They often feature cabinet doors to enclose the books, and any other items you would like to display in them such as ornaments or dinner plates.

Whether you desire the curves and red tones of our Queen Anne style walnut cabinet, or the four-door breakfront of the Reprodux Bevan Funnel mahogany bookcase, there is sure to be an antique bookcase to suit your personality and tastes.